Rebirth of the Earth

By: Isobel Li


The sky outside is an awful dusty grey-red color.

Outside the glass dome of the city, you can see toxic clouds clutter the dirty colored sky. 

Inside though can be described in one word – vibrant.

It’s a rain fest, and although real rain can’t enter the Glass Dome City (not that you’d want it to – the rain would be acidic), the rainmakers at the top of the dome let down a steady drizzle of clear water. 

Strings of colored lights decorate the streets and houses within the glass. 

It’s beautiful but it’s fake.

Inside the dome, people laugh and run through the streets, enjoying the ‘rain.’

Outside the dome, there are curling wisps of smoke and radioactive substances climbing into the sky.



The real sky is blue.

The first people of the Earth recorded about this blue. They recorded how it was blue and perfect, then the greys cluttered the sky. 

The blue came back, along with the greens.

All the greenery inside our City is genetically modified from plants that the people saved. But outside the dusty glass, all you can see is a blur of greens.

Dark forest green. Jade green. Lime green. The trees and plants have begun growing back and it’s like a new Earth.

But inside the dome, glass panes have started cracking. Repairmen are constantly being called to fix things. We can clean the glass within the dome, but on the outside, there’s no way. The oxygen cleaners and temperature keeping machines have started breaking down, which causes a mass panic.

And conflicts have arose in the once safe-haven for human kind. Everyone asks the same question: should we leave the City?


back to 2043

We were the reason Earth lost its beauty.

We killed it.

Slowly, but surely.

So all we – the corrupted governments, the terrified people, everyone – can do is to wish that the future generations will not make the same mistake.

Reporters run around in a mad dash, interviewing terrified pedestrians and worried-looking politicians.


People are fighting others, desperate to get the last bit of food and supplies. Governments are on the verge of collapse from the angry responses from the commoners.

But not all hope is lost yet. The uninhabited Glass Dome Cities are all perfect places for the people to live, only requiring a few minor adjustments.

So now it’s a race for the people to enter the Cities until they’re filled to maximum capacity.


back to 2027

A few genetic scientists have become the world’s laughingstock. Planning to create several animal domes for genetically modified animals was their goal. What they got? Failures.

The hybrid prototypes all ended up dying. 

But by then, the domes were already built, the money already spent. 

Little did they know that the Cities would come in handy one day.



A new world.

A new start.

They promised to themselves that they wouldn’t destroy Earth again.

Through time, a lesson was taught.

A story was told.

A future was created.