Dream Behind the Glass

By: Anika Rasheed

There’s a girl that I see sometimes.
She pops up from time to time.
Day to day.

She’s a lot of things.
God, she’s beautiful.
And, isn’t she just so funny?

When she fixes her eyes on you.
They sparkle, don’t they?
Vibrant, bright, lovely.
So big. Full of life, yeah?

And when she laughs,
You could fall in love with that sound.
She laughs more than I do.
And they’re all real, too.

If I look away for a moment,
Sometimes I see her.
Little glimpses here and there.

She’s got it all figured out.
Knows where she’s going.
Knows what to say.
Knows her place.
Knows where she belongs.
And that’s everywhere.

Sometimes I hate her.

Because I don’t know where she goes.

And I wish I was there.

These little glimpses, I get
Sometimes I see her looking back at me
As I fix my hair
Or brush my teeth

But most of the time,
She’s absent.
And I miss her.

I imagine where she is.
Sometimes she wears a silly crown
of wildflowers.
She lies in a meadow and laughs.

Sometimes she’s got a gun.
She wears black.
She’s confident.
She’s sexy.

Sometimes she wears a dress I’ve got
Somewhere in my closet.
She lives my life.
But she lives it better.

She’s happy.
She’s sad.
She’s angry.
But, damn, she looks good.

I don’t know where she goes.
But I wish I was with her more often.
In that ever changing world of hers.
Oceans and skies
Oh, the things she sees.