The Definition of Friends

By: Caitlyn Mumaw

The dictionary defines a “friend” as “a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard.”

So are they homework answers?

Project partners?

A list of names?

None of the above.

New definition:

The recipients of ridiculous selfies that probably shouldn’t have seen the light of day.

The responders to those selfies with an equally ridiculous one.

You shoulder to cry on, your second pint of ice cream, your back up, protector, knight in shining armor

against the evil world of bullies and exes.

Your confidence, your conscience, your encouragement, your filter.

Your Google, your Goodreads, your dictionary, encyclopedia, and calculator.

Your wikiHow, your New York Times, your actual useful version of Web MD.

Your Staples, your Walmart, your grocery store, your bank.

Your self help guide, your diary, your therapist.

The twenty-minute drive to your house made in ten.

The siblings you never thought you wanted.

And even when the world is armed against you, they make you laugh although you are certain you can’t.

The defender of your sanity, bringing you back down to earth when you start to float away.

The green light amongst flashing yellows and reds.

The destroyer of darkness, despair, and desolation.

The recipients of all of this and more.

This is the true definition of a friend.