City in the River

By: Jacob Cone

The lights of the city shine brighter than any star.
a cool breeze cuts through the humid night air.
the sidewalk is cracked by too many steps in everyone’s one-thousand-mile journey.
Brick and concrete towers fly high into the sky, close enough to reach the stars.
And each tower has a hundred stories
In one there is a man nervously waiting for his date to show up
A few over an elderly couple slow dance to their favorite songs
And two down a six-year-old girl dreams of far off clouds
Smooth jazz floats from a far off alley that smells of Chinese food
People cheer in bars for their favorite sport
Workers come out of restaurants, each tired but ready to start their night
Cars crowd the street, every one has an equally important and equally unimportant goal
Neon signs wish to be your stars, so they shine bright enough to block the others
Young girls pull young boys into stores they would rather stay out of
While other boys look walk through, looking for streetlight love
A couple fights over nothing outside apartments.
Business men push through the crowds, wishing they could be free
While a homeless man watches from a corner, wishing he had responsibility
Billboards sell you things you don’t care about
While salesmen make you care
The sound of far off boats signaling their arrival, hums from a close by river
Suspension bridges hold up the lives of so many who don’t care
And so many who wish they did
The moon reflects off the river, engulfed by the stars of the city, and the stars of the sky
The cool breeze grows fait and far off
And then the mist rolls in, calming and new.
The railing is cold to the touch, but sturdy enough
Beads of mist make it hard to climb
But the city in the river helps motivate
The city full of life
The city full of many
That won’t miss one