Beginning // End

By: Allison Gliesman

Today, I am the only song you’ve ever known all the words to.  I am the first person who ever meant it and the last thought you can manage before you close your eyes. You look at me, and all you see is light. You look at me, blinded, and you tell me you’re the happiest person alive.

Today, everything is black. The sun is too heavy to rise, and you’re wondering if this is the end. You sit in the dark and wait for something to happen, for some kind of light to find you. You sit in the dark and tell the moon that it deserves better than the sun anyway.

Today, I haunt you like a ghost that never quite made it to the other side. You’re leaning over the edge of your mattress, clinging to every thought that isn’t me, but I come back in lingering waves and overstay my welcome. You’re begging me to leave you alone, but I never listen, I never listen.

Today, you remember me like falling asleep to a familiar nightmare. There’s blood all over the walls, and there are monsters under the bed, but it’s still home. I’m still home.

Today, you hear my voice and it’s like remembering the words to an old song. We kiss and our mouths are fumbling, hearts racing, and it’s almost like you never left. It’s almost like we never met at all.