Fall Programs Podcast Episode

In this episode of Did you hear, Dave Carson talks with Ben Oglesby, Christopher Leitch, and Amy Field, about our upcoming Fall programming, including our Unlocking the Mind programs.


  • Announcer: AMY FIELD
  • Co-host: MELISSA HORAK-HERN (On special assignment in parts unknown)
  • Written by: DAVE CARSON & AMY FIELD
  • Music & Editing: DAVE CARSON
  • Staff writer’s quote: CHRISTINE PETERSON
  • Word of the day: JAMAL LANG, fe·cun·di·ty
  • Library Zen: What is the sound? Send us your answer via facebook!
  1. Return conveyor at Lenexa City Center Library
  2. Coffee Machine
  3. Creative Services Stack Cutter
  4. MakerSpace Laser Cutter

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