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Homework Help


Whether you are working ahead, or starting a project in the 11th hour, these resources will help you find digital editions of print resources for your papers, presentations and projects. 

Encyclopedia Britannica Academic

Tailored to elementary, middle and high school students this is an excellent resource to begin any research. It includes videos, pictures and primary resources.

MAS Ultra - School Edition

Designed for high school students this resource searches published articles with citation information, this makes writing your papers at the last minute a cinch!

Middle Search Plus

Designed for middle school students the articles are easy to read and easy to search. All of them are published in journals and books, so look here if you need a print resource at the last minute.

eBooks from Gale

A large database of journal, magazine and newspaper articles. Searches can be overwhelming, so be sure to limit your results as much as possible by date or category.

Assigned Reading

Having trouble understanding the classic novel assigned in class? Need help understanding the metaphors in Chapter 5? These text and electronic resources will help you make sense of that confusing work. Need a print resource for a paper? Bloom's Literary Criticism and Norton Critical Editions are series covering most classic novels and dramas including the original work and annotations about the historical import and criticism of the text. 

Need a laugh to go with your classic book? Check out John Green's Crash Course Literature videos on YouTube.

Literature (Gale)

One of the largest online collections of literary criticism in the world this tool includes information on authors and works from around the work and throughout time. Topics include drama, poetry, shorty stories, Shakespeare and contemporary literature.


A tool for readers this database includes professional reviews, discussion questions for select books and read-a-like selections.

Literary Reference Center

This resource includes author biographies as well as full text of many classic books, short stories and poems.


Many great biography resources for your school project can be found online. Especially if you have chosen a subject that is still living, it can be difficult to find up-to-date print resources. Before you begin your project, please make sure there are enough print and electronic resources that fill your needs.

Biography (Gale In Context)

From politicians to filmmakers, from Aristotle to Kate Midleton this is a great resource for people throughout history. Searchable by occupation, birthplace, and more you can easily find someone to fit an assignment.

Literary Reference Center

A compendium of author biographies complete with pronounciation guides, biographies, bibliographies and photographs.

Encyclopedia Britannica School

With articles tailored for elementary, middle or high school studients, Britannica has a great biography database searchable by era, nationality, gender and notariety.

Country & Culture

From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe we can help you find information about any country!


Easy to read, short reports on every country in the world. Print out the PDF and keep it with your school work for easy reference.

Encyclopedia Britannica School

This resource includes in-depth articles and further reading suggestions as well as a compare function that allows you to look at two countries side by side.

Biography (Gale In Context)

Don't miss the wonderful feature to search by birthplace in this biography resource. Search by state or by country to find famous people from your assigned locale.

Jobs and Careers

Ready to start building that resume? Check out our guide on exploring your career options to find out what jobs fit your skills (and will be around in 10 years).

Maybe you know what you are looking for but aren't quite sure how to start your search. Check out a curated collection of local job sites to see what's out there.

Or do you already know what you want and you just need some help landing your dream job? We've got you covered with expert job search help.

No matter what stage you are in, check out these library resources for career tests, learning opportunities and more!

Brainfuse JobNow

Get personal assistance from an online job coach with creating, updating, critiquing and proofing your resume and cover letters.

Local Help: Workforce Partnership

Free job search assistance services ranging from resume writing assistance and improving your interviewing skills to helping you focus on a career path.

Job and Career Accelerator

Job search tools including resume and cover letter builder, details about thousands of occupations and guidance in your job search.

Kansas History

Fast Facts about Kansas
Capital City: Topeka, Kan.
State Song: Home on the Range
State Motto: Ad Astra per Aspera (To the stars through difficulties)
Statehood Date: January 29, 1861
State Order: 34th

    Kansas City and Regional Newspapers

    Includes primary sources from as early as 1984 from the Kansas City Star, Empora Gazette, Larence Journal-World, Olathe Daily News, Topeka Capital-Journal and more!

    Kansas History, Territorial through Civil War Years, 1854-1865

    A complete history of the state of Kansas from the fronteir to modern day. Includes many primary resources from settlers, politicians, abolitionists and more with photos and full citation tools.

    JoCoHistory Collections

    Stay close to home! See pictures from Johnson County of old including mustache contests and the original lolcats of Kansas!

    Scholarship and Test Prep

    Testing is never easy, but with the right preparation you can be confident in your score. Check out resources at the Library can help you prepare for your college and career exams.

    And once you make it into a school, don't wonder how you are going to pay for it, check out these scholarship and financial aid resources curated by Money Smart KC to avoid breaking the bank.

    LearningExpress Library

    Includes practice tests and study matierials for ACT, SAT, GED and standardized tests.

    Brainfuse HelpNow

    The Brainfuse SkillSurfer has practice tests and study resources for AP, PSAT, SAT, ACT, CLEP and more. Get scores on the spot, plus build a personalized learning plan with LEAP.

    Universal Class

    With GED practice tests and general resource on math and science basics, this will make test taking a breeze!


    Science covers a large swath of topics from astronomy to veterinary science, these tools can help you find information about any class you are taking. Also don't forget our wonderful local resource the Linda Hall Library. Their science resources are top-notch. Whether you’re working on a science fair project or are thinking about a career in science, Linda Hall can provide you with specialized science resources. 

    Cheer up your studying with Hank Green's hilarious Crash Course videos on Biology, Ecology and Chemistry and SciShow.

    Encyclopedia Britannica School

    Tailored for elementary, middle and high school students this resource includes a handy how-to guide for writing science reports and subject guides in biology, astronomy, chemistry, geology and physics.

    Visual learners will love this resource for the animations, videos and images for each subject area including forestry, archeology, astronomy, biology, chemistry, information technology, geology, physics, engineering and more.

    U.S. History

    "We are studying American History for the ninth time in nine years. Another review of map skills, one week of Native Americans, Christopher Columbus in time for Columbus Day, the Pilgrims in time for Thanksgiving. Every year they say we're going to get right up to the present, but we always get stuck in the Industrial Revolution...We need more holidays to keep the social studies teachers on track."

    -Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson

    Don't get mired in the Industrial Revolution! These resources will help you in a project about any period in U.S. History, including the present.

    The National Archives has wonderful primary resources on the founding of the U.S. Don't miss their collection, including the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

    And of course, if you need a dash of laughter with your history, you must watch John Green's Crash Course U.S. History series on YouTube.

    History Reference Center

    Designed for high school research projects, this tool features the full text of reference books, encyclopedias and histories with full citation information (an indespensible tool for someone working under a deadline).

    Biography (Gale In Context)

    A wonderful resource that allows you to search by era, gender and occupation this tool will help you discover the important personalities that helped to shape U.S. History.

    MAS Ultra - School Edition

    High school students looking for articles and primary sources should check out this resource. It may not look as flashy as other resources but includes many wonderful primary sources.

    World History

    "The wide world is all about you: you can fence yourselves in, but you cannot for ever fence it out."

    -The Fellowship of the Ring by J.R.R. Tolkien

    Looking for more information about world history, check out John Green's Crash Course World History for information with a side of snark.

    Encyclopedia Britannica School

    Check under the explore section for historical periods beginning with the ancient world all the way to modern day. Photos, videos and primary sources to support each article make this a one-stop-shop for research.

    History Reference Center

    Not as attractive as Cycyclopedia Britannica School you can easily search for article and primary sources about a specific topic in your selected era or country.

    Biography (Gale In Context)

    Once you have a few names of important historical figures, use this resource to find out everything about them. Not recommended as a place to start your research but a great place to dig deeper.