Antioch Library Replacement FAQ

We are excited to have begun the design process for the new Library in Merriam. The current Antioch Library has been a fixture in the Merriam community for over 60 years; staff and patrons alike have many fond memories of the building – some having visited Antioch their entire lives! We are excited to partner with the City of Merriam on this project. The new building will be located just a few blocks away on the campus of the Merriam Community Center. This summer we are developing the design for the replacement Library with an eye toward the future, ensuring we are able to meet the changing needs of the community over time.

We know you probably have questions about what to expect during this building process, so we’ve put together an FAQ that addresses more details about the project.

Stay tuned to our Antioch Library Replacement page and follow @jocolibrary on social media for project updates and photos. You can also drop us a line if you have any questions.

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