Kansas Elections and Voting

Even though our conference and meeting rooms are currently unavailable for reservations by the public, several Johnson County Library branches are still polling places in the 2020 General Election due to their central locations within the County. Whether you are a seasoned voter, or voting for the first time, recent changes and social distancing guidelines may have you looking for more information.

Now that Kansas registration deadlines have passed for the Nov 3 election, let’s focus on the where’s, when’s and how’s of voting!

How do I receive an advanced ballot in my mail?

You can apply for advanced ballots from your County Election Office, or through KSVotes. Each election requires an application. In other words, if you requested a mail in ballot for the primary, you will need to make a new request for the general election. Voters with permanent disabilities are eligible to apply for Permanent Advance Voting Status, and return to their County Election Office.

Oct 27, 2020 is the last day to apply for an advance ballot (vote by mail) for the General Election.

I don’t want to mail my ballot, how else can I return it?
There are several ways to return your completed advanced ballot:

  • If you mail your ballot, it must be postmarked no later than Nov 3, 2020 and received by the election office by Nov 6.
  • You may return your completed ballot at any of the advanced polling locations (see section on advanced voting below) between Oct 17-Nov 2. 
  • You may return your completed ballot at your designated polling location on Election Day.
  • Johnson County Election Office has installed several ballot drop off boxes around the county. Ballots and applications for advanced ballots may be returned in a box beginning Oct 17.

    • Blue Valley Library - 9000 W 151st St, Overland Park
    • Central Resource Library - 9875 W 87th St, Overland Park
    • De Soto Library - 33145 W 83rd St, De Soto
    • Gardner Library - 137 E Shawnee St, Gardner
    • Shawnee Library - 13811 Johnson Dr, Shawnee
    • Spring Hill Library - 109 S Webster St, Spring Hill
    • Northeast Offices - 6000 Lamar Ave, Mission

The 24-hour, drive-thru ballot boxes at the Election Office (2101 E Kansas City Rd, Olathe) will also continue to be available for voters.

Where can I find advanced voting in person?

Early in person voting can be done at several locations between Oct 17 and Nov 2, 2020. In Johnson County, check the list of advance voting locations for places, dates and times. Wyandotte County residents may check here

Where and when do I vote on Election Day?
Each registered voter has a designated polling place. Polling places can change, so even if you have voted in the past, it’s a good idea to check your polling place for each election. Please visit the Election Office website to find your polling location. Polls are open between 6:00 AM and 7:00 PM.

What do I bring with me for any in person voting?

You will need to bring a photo ID. Acceptable forms include:

  • A driver’s license or identification card issued by Kansas, another state, or an Indian tribe.
  • A concealed carry of handgun or weapon license issued by Kansas or by another state.
  • A United States passport.
  • An employee badge or ID document issued by a city, county, state, or federal
  • government office.
  • A military identification document issued by the United States.
  • A student identification card issued by an accredited postsecondary institution of
  • education in Kansas.
  • A public assistance identification card issued by a city, county, state or federal government office.

 Wyandotte County residents with questions or needing assistance with registration or voting may call the Wyandotte County Election Office at (913) 573-8500 or visit https://www.wycokck.org/Election.aspx.

Where do I find more information about candidates?

You can view a sample ballot from the Johnson County Election Office, Ballotpedia, and Vote 411

For information about candidates or issues, the eNewspapers section of our eLibrary is a great resource. Both Kansas City Star and Shawnee Mission Post include coverage of local candidates and issues on upcoming ballots. You will need your Johnson County Library card or ecard to access either title.

Ballotpedia provides biographical, current and past work of elected officials, campaign themes and more.

Factcheck.org is a nonpartisan, nonprofit site covering many topics of current interest related to campaign topics as well as 2020 Presidential candidates.

Politifact, a non-profit news organization, offers fact checking on current topics, candidate statements and claims, media personalities and campaigns. Users may also submit claims to have them fact checked.

Here are some important dates in the upcoming elections in Johnson County:

Oct 13: Last day to register for the General Election

Oct 14: Advanced Voting by Mail begins for the General Election 

Oct 19: Advanced Voting in Person begins for the General Election 

Oct 27: Last day to apply for an advance ballot (vote by mail) for the General Election 

Nov 2: Last day to advance vote in person for the General Election. 

Nov 3: General Election day: all mailed ballots must be postmarked by today and received no later than 3 days following the election day (Nov 6). Advance ballots may be hand-delivered to the county election office or to any polling place within the county by close of polls.