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Adults interested in practicing English to improve their level can attend free classes at Oak Park Library every Saturday morning. The levels are intermediate and advanced. There is no registration or exam.

Los adultos interesados en recibir clases de inglés para mejorar su nivel, pueden asistir a las clases que se dictan en la Biblioteca de Oak Park todos los sábados por la mañana. Los cursos de inglés que se imparten son: intermedio y avanzado. Los interesados pueden ir los sábados en la mañana para asistir a las clases gratuitas sin necesidad de que presenten examen de...

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Stories ring with truth when they are cast with characters as multi-dimensional, complex and sympathetic as we are. Tosca Lee is best known for bringing even maligned characters to vivid life. Join her for a pens-out working session on creating characters of such depth and relevance that they will remain with your readers long after they’re turned the last page.

Tosca Lee is the award-winning, New York Times bestselling author of The Line Between, The House of Bathory...

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Discover what’s percolating in the Kansas Legislature. Your Senators and Representatives will discuss the new legislative session, followed by audience Q&A. You bring the questions, and we’ll provide the coffee and doughnuts.

Presented with League of Women Voters of Johnson County.

Legislators in attendance:

Senator Dinah Sykes, District 21

Representative Susan Ruiz, District 23

Representative Brandon Woodard, District 30

Representative Brett Parker, District 29

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Johnson County Genealogical Society helps you discover many research resources. Society meetings cover business items and training sessions. Learn about the workings of the JCGS as well as specific genealogy research topics.

January: How to Date Old Photographs, Midwest Genealogy Center
February: “Broke but not out of luck” – Exploring Bankruptcy Records for Genealogy, Jennifer Audsley-Moore, National Archives Kansas City
April: Heraldry and Genealogy: The Truth Behind Your “Family” Coat of Arms, Angela Fields

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Meeting Room

A child’s reading improves with practice. This relaxed, friendly session allows your kids to practice their reading-out-loud skills with a certified and well-behaved therapy dog as an audience.
Our Read to a Dog programs are presented in partnership with Pets for Life, Intermountain Therapy Animals or Wayside Waifs.

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The Young Adult Literary Council is our group of teen Library consultants. We meet monthly to share favorite books, review titles for the Library website and participate in fun activities. You can meet new people, have a snack and receive volunteer credit hours for your time with us. We meet at five different Libraries so you can find a group close by and drop in with us.

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Board games have brought family and friends together for years, and we are now in a golden age of game choices! Join us for enjoyable games, meet new friends and have new adventures. You can rampage the city as a giant lizard in King of Tokyo, embark on a cross-country train trek in Ticket to Ride or save the world from deadly outbreaks in Pandemic. Bring a personal favorite to share with the group. Snacks and beverages are served. All ages welcome.

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How do authors know so much about the setting, professions, or situations in their books? They do research! Observe this process in action as author Tosca Lee asks all her questions about food in preparation for her next novel. Chef Bob Brassard, a 30 year industry Veteran with national accolades in sustainability, hospitality, and culinary arts, and Aaron Prater, of the Chef Apprenticeship Program at Johnson County Community College, will share everything they know about food, from vegan cuisine, to unusual bacon dishes, to the 10 ingredients no chef could do without. You’ll be able to...

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This event will be at Write Central, 7001 N. Locust, Gladstone, MO 64118.

It causes procrastination. It freezes us up. It makes us worry. It’s the f-word every writer deals with: fear. Join Tosca Lee for an inspiring, pens-out workshop on overcoming the biggest writing block of all. There will be time for Q&A.

Tosca Lee is the award-winning, New York Times bestselling author of The Line Between, The House of Bathory Duology (The Progeny,...

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