InterUrban ArtHouse Photography Group Show

Saturday, January 9 to Sunday, May 15, 2016

InterUrban ArtHouse (IUAH) is a non-profit organization creating a new hub for arts and culture in Johnson County, Kansas. IUAH’s mission is to enrich the cultural and economic vibrancy of Downtown Overland Park and surrounding community by creating a place where artists and creative industries can work and prosper in an affordable, sustainable and inclusive environment.  This exhibition features 9 local photographers currently working with IUAH.


Marilyn Lyons  I have been using different mediums to create since I was a little girl. Whether it is with a camera, brush, polymer, clay, or scissors, paper and glue, I am always creating with something. Nothing created is ever a mistake!  More information at or email the artist at

Bill Mitchell I began taking pictures of nature and architecture in the early 1980s, and then moved into digital photography in 2008. My interests have since grouwn to include close-up, macro and sports photography of my grandkids. For more information email

Michelle Pond  Visual art and poetry have been in conversations since the time of the ancient Greeks. I pair photographs and poems that speak to one another. Email for more information.

James Redina After more than 30 years of film cameras and chemical darkroom experience, this local photographer became an early student of digital cameras and post processing in Photoshop in 1992. His interests include landscape, nature and macro images. Email the artist at

Sharon rodriguez  The process of combining photography with meditation evolved naturally with the publication of Sharon Rodriguez first collection. This was the start of her continuing development with digital photography as meditative photography. She continues to use a one sentence meditation with each of the photographs in her art shows.  For more information, email

Catherine Sherman  “It’s a Beautiful World!” is my theme. I love to share the beautiful and the fascinating in the world around us. I’ve lived in Kansas nearly all my life, but have traveled around the world and visited every state. For more information visit or email

Lynn Sprowl I have a wide range of subjects that I like to photograph but tend to look at the ordinary. Like most photographers, I love nature and the splendid array of opportunities and subjects provided. I find the “abandoned” is a contant source of intrigue and make for interesting photography. I find beauty and mystery in the ordinary. Email the artist at

Jerry Stogsdill  As a fine arts photographer I strive to create an image that engages the viewer on a number of levels. To achieve these results my photographic style runs from true photorealism to extreme abstraction. I want the image I create to hold the viewer’s attention past the normal appreciation time it takes to enjoy a “pretty picture.” For more information, email

Susan Wagner Colorado is in my heart. Nature and anatural beauty are my muse. I aspire to capture the beauty of what I see, in photograph with minimal editing in Photoshop. The challenge and success is my joy. Email for more information.