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Teen Review
Lance Rubin
Reviewer's Rating: 
Friday, Aug 28, 2015

Denton dies tomorrow. This has been a known fact since he was five. What he doesn't know is how he'll die. This book is about all the fun, and sometimes stupid, adventures Denton goes on to live life to the best of his ability.

This is one of my new favorite books ever. I absolutely loved Denton and his friend, Paolo. They had funny, sarcastic personalities that made me want to keep reading. There was also enough of a mystery that kept me wanting to know what was going on, and I'm glad I stuck with it to the very end, because I was completely blown away by the last page. The love...

Teen Review
Melinda Salisbury
Reviewer's Rating: 
Friday, Aug 14, 2015

Seventeen year old Twylla lives in the palace. She is betrothed to the prince, but no one looks at her, they don't dare to touch her. Twylla is the executioner. As the Goddess embodied, Twylla instantly kills anyone she touches. No one can ever love her, a girl with murder in her veins. Not even the prince, whose bloodline supposedly makes him immune to the her fatal touch, avoids Twylla. Then a new guard arrives, and sees past the executioner robes and see Twylla for herself. However, things take a turn for the worse, and Twylla must decide between what is right and what she believes in...

Teen Review
Julie Ann Peters
Reviewer's Rating: 
Friday, Aug 7, 2015

When Alix's girlfriend, Swanee dies, she feels like nothing can get any worse. Until one afternoon, she stumbles upon Swanee's phone, and discovers text messages from a strange number. Alix decides to take initiative and meet with her. It turns out, Swanee was living a secret life with another girl named Liana. Both of them will come together to find peace in her death, and also love.

At first I was excited because I would be reading an LGBTQA novel where the main character didn't have to worry about her sexuality or think of it as a disease or problem. It was about a simple romance...


Your Childhood Favorites Pitted Against Each Other

Stan Lee vs Jim Henson

Watch as the creators of your childhood heroes go toe to toe in this rap battle. If you are already familiar with Epic Rap Battles of History, then you will enjoy the twist at the end!

Teen Review
John Green
Reviewer's Rating: 
Thursday, Jul 30, 2015

Quentin Jacobsen has always been hopelessly in love with Margo Roth Spiegelman for as long as he can remember. When she shows up at his window telling of a night of adventure he is sure to say yes. But the day after she disappears and appears to have left behind clues as to her whereabouts and Q is determined to find her. A paper town for a paper girl.

This book is exactly what you would expect from a John Green book. The romance, the best friends, the wit and the...


The Final Chapter

The end is nigh...

The end of an era approaches...The Hunger Games franchise is coming to an end.

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