We Were Liars

E. Lockhart
Saturday, Sep 13, 2014

Wow! I am so glad I knew absolutely nothing about this book from the beginning. Lockhart creates a world I can see...of salt and sand and old houses and summers and friends and young love. I was so wrapped up in this wonderful world that when tragedy snuck in and reared its ugly head it really packed a punch. The endless bickering by the the family causes such dysfunction it leaves you wondering, "How can this family be salvaged?", "How can they ever be right again?" Cade's three best friends, Gat, Johnny and Mirren, help Cade to see the truth, but will it be too late? Amazing writing style, beautiful and hypnotizing!

Debbie F.

Written by Debbie F.

Fun fact: My maiden name is Dugger and I grew up in Arkansas and no, I'm not related!!!