childhood sexual abuse

black and white photo of girl with eyes closed

My Dark Vanessa

Kate Elizabeth Russell
Rated by
Heather C
Thursday, Jan 2, 2020

Warning: This book will make you remember things not forgotten.

As a woman and in the wake of the #MeToo movement it was really hard to read My Dark Vanessa. It is very well written and oftentimes, too well written. It was haunting in its realness. Real predators exist. Real victims don't come forward. Real justice oftentimes isn't served.

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33 Snowfish

Adam Rapp
Rated by
Becky C.
Monday, Nov 24, 2014

33 Snowfish is a sad, sick, powerful story about three runaways and their desperate attempt to flee from the ugliness they've always known. These kids are both awful and sympathetic. Custis narrates most of the story. He’s a prepubescent boy who never quite reveals how old he is, answering “old enough” when asked by the various strangers he encounters as a homeless youth. Custis never mentions his parents or any permanent caregivers. Custis has recently fled a pedophile who, in exchange for “owning” him, had been letting him sleep on the floor in a room that smells like dog.