Saturday, May 14, 2011

Friday, May 6, 2011

Louis Zamperini was a spirited youth who found his groove in running. So good was he that he decided he was going to run in the 1936 Olympics -- just a couple of years away. That's a lot of determined training. And he did it. The determination and self discipline required for this accomplishment would serve him well just a few short years later.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother is a memoir by Amy Chua, professor at Yale Law School. The memoir concentrates on her family life, especially on raising her two daughters. As a second generation Chinese, Chua is determined to raise her daughters the Chinese way.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to spend time behind bars in a maximum security prison? Award winning poet and writer Jimmy Santiago Baca knows exactly what it is like to be in prison. A Place to Stand is Baca's memoir of his troubled early life, subsequent incarceration in prison at the age of 21 for selling drugs and how he turned his life around and be came an award winning poet and writer.

Temple Grandin [DVD]

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Friday, Mar 4, 2011

Temple Grandin, if you don't already know, is an autistic woman that invented a more humane way of slaughtering cows. Her chute is a circular walk for these cows which creates little to no anxiety. "Nature is cruel, but we don't have to be." This movie shows the ups and downs of an autistic person trying to make her way in "normal" society and how these "normal" pe

Tuesday, Nov 23, 2010

This memoir, that reads like a novel and should appeal to anyone who enjoys family drama, defies convention when it comes to predictability. Jeannette Walls grew up in a family of nomads. She and her three siblings were born in the west to a couple who were brilliant but ungrounded, to say the least. Her father, Rex, had the makings of a scientist but alcoholism and wanderlust kept him from settling in a job too long.

Wednesday, Oct 27, 2010

After reading many news stories through the years about Ted Kennedy and his family, I looked forward to the release of his memoir. In the media, Ted Kennedy was often portrayed as a stereotypical, hard-drinking, womanizing politician. His father was portrayed as a philanderer, a power-hungry man who pushed his sons into politics and who was willing to play dirty in business and politics. True Compass provides insight into the man who maintained a fair degree of privacy while living in the public eye.

Tuesday, Oct 26, 2010

This very “readable” biography should be a must-read for all biology and medical students. HeLa cells, taken from Henrietta Lacks when she was in treatment for cervical cancer in 1951, are still alive and have been used in developing the polio vaccine, in vitro fertilization, cloning, gene mapping and much more. They are still in use and it is estimated that if all the HeLa cells grown were piled together they would exceed 50 million metric tons.

Sunday, Sep 26, 2010

This biography of Lincoln the covers the start of his quest for the presidency until his assassination, chronicles his relationship with the men who made up his Cabinet. Most of these politicians ran against him during the 1960 Republican Convention. Lincoln recognized that all were able men and patriots who would benefit his administration during the most challenging point in the nation’s short history.