Sushi Go

Sushi Go! box art
Phil Walker-Harding
Jan 24, 2023

"Sushi Go!" is a fast paced card game with adorably cute artwork that is sure to satisfy your gaming appetite. As is typical of the entire range of games by producer Gamewright Games, this is an easy to learn family game. Despite that, the strategic depth lends "Sushi Go!" a high replay value, and this game strikes a balance that makes it enjoyable for players of all skill levels. 

Sushi Go! characters

The main mechanic of the game is a style of point gathering known as drafting. In this version, each player is dealt a hand of cards, each with different types of sushi depicted on them. Each player selects a card out of the hand to keep for that round, and passes the rest of their cards to a player sitting next to them. This selection, or "drafting" of cards allows players not only a choice of what card will earn them the most points at the time, but also may give them the chance to pick something that only moderately benefits them but blocks their opponents from completing a set they have been working on. That push and pull between taking cards that purely benefit yourself and the ability to shape what options are left to the other players is the true heart of the game to me, and I find it delicious. 

Sushi Go! box and cards

The game plays for three rounds, but I find it rare that a game of "Sushi Go!" wraps up in just one playthrough. As players get more used to the scoring of the different types of sushi, their eyes light up with plans for how they might have played the cards differently, and the common refrain "Okay, shuffle it up and lets do this again!" is often the result. If this review whets your appetite, check the game out at the next Tabletop Gaming night at your local library!

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Written by Charles H