Etiquette & Espionage

Female Teenager wearing a puffy black dress holding a pair of scissors.
Gail Carriger
Saturday, Sep 20, 2014

This steampunk adventure begins in England in 1851 where Sophronia Temminnick is fourteen years old and a tomboy at heart. When there is knock on the front door to her house, Mademoiselle Geraldine appears and offers to take Sophronia to a school far away. And her dear mother says yes! Why you ask? Because her mother is tired of her wild ways and it might be the only way to teach Sophronia how to be a proper lady. And thus, Sophronia is sent to Mademoiselle Geraldine's Finishing Academy for Young Ladies of Quality.

The adventure begins before Sophronia can even get to school. The flyway men attack the carriage, Geraldine faints, and Sophronia must be resourceful to save the day and get to the school!

This steampunk novel is the first in a new series by Gail Carriger. It's full of zany characters and werewolfs. Sophronia has much to learn including some espionage skills and new friends that help her along the way.

Octavia V.

Written by Octavia V.

Fun fact: Laughter is better than medicine!!