A Bollywood Affair

Sonali Dev
Jan 3, 2015

At the age of four, Mili was married to 12-year-old Virat Rathod. Now, twenty years later, Mili is still waiting for her husband to show up. In the meantime, Mili has traveled from India to Michigan in order to further her education to make herself a better wife. Little does she know, Virat has a life of his own. When that life is threatened, Virat sends his younger brother, Samir, to find Mili in America so she can sign papers annulling the marriage. However, the initial meeting between Samir and Mili does not go well and leaves each dependent on the other for reasons both transparent and concealed.

This book was not the light and steamy romance I was expecting. At times it was a bit silly, but at others I was so surprised at the intense emotion the author was able to put into writing. I could not put this book down. I hope Dev continues to write after this debut.

Written by Rachel N.

I love nachos.