Read Local

May 4, 2017

Each month The Writers Place brings locally and nationally known writers to present their poetry and prose in the Thomas Zvi Wilson Reading Series. In May we welcome Marc Hudson and Melissa Fite Johnson.

Tuesday, May 16th
6:00 - 7:00 pm
Central Resource Library - Carmack Community Room


Book cover
May 3, 2017

"For true contentment, one must carry a book at all times."

 ~Michael Chabon, Manhood for Amateurs

It makes sense that a collection of autobiographical essays by a Pulitzer prize-winning author would include a few thoughts on writing. The act of writing is far from the theme of Michael Chabon's book on family and gender roles, but comments on it are present. Aside from the quote above, two passages in particular speak to the process of artistic creation.

Local Writers
Apr 29, 2017

This weeks starter comes directly from one of my favorite podcasts, Writing Excuses. Each week several writers talk about one aspect of craft. From point of view, to pacing, to developing style these writers spend fifteen minutes, sometimes with a guest, offering instruction and sharing their approaches. And the best part is they end each episode with an assignment based on the lesson.

Book cover
Apr 26, 2017

Here at Read Local we're always on the lookout for insightful words about writing. Sarah Manguso's latest book, 300 Arguments, contains quite a few. At its most basic level, the book is a collection of aphorisms. And, since Manguso is a professional writer and writing teacher, some cover that topic. Here are a few to mull over:

Local Writers
Apr 22, 2017

Write a list of your top five most desirable artifacts from anywhere in the world. Then describe what it is about each of them that so draws you in.

Hint: This isn't about wanting and possessing, it's about understanding your passions and using that understanding to direct yourself toward those things that represent significance.

Christine Taylor-Butler article header; a monochromatic, faded image of a collage of her books with the title written over it.
Apr 19, 2017

"Either your writing is a hobby, or it's a business. It can't be both," writes local author Christine Taylor-Butler in a recent blog post for KCSourceLink.

The 3 a.m. Epiphany
Apr 15, 2017

Our Creative Writing Group meets the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month. We are working through the exercises in Brian Kiteley's The 3 A.M.

smiling blond woman in green sweater
Apr 12, 2017

Amy Engel was born in Kansas. Over the next couple of decades, she boomeranged around the world – to Iran and back to Kansas City, to Taiwan and back to Kansas City, from the University of Kansas to Georgetown University in Washington D.C., and finally back to Kansas City. Phew!  With a law degree in hand, she worked for ten years as a criminal defense attorney.

Local Writers
Apr 8, 2017

In honor of National Poetry month, this weeks prompt will use poetry as a jumping off point for a new story.

An array of zines
Apr 5, 2017

In this world of ever-increasing digitization, self-expression has largely gone online. Books and other artistic works are shared in electronic formats. Socializing happens through networked media. Magazines, newspapers, and other serial paper publications are struggling to maintain readership.