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Beat up old dictionary on a picnic table
Mar 9, 2016

Not a collection of thoughts about getting published, but about publishing. About self-publishing, to be precise.

And it really is just a collection. Somewhat random things we've bumped into that caught our interest, only loosely related and not well organized with a nicely linear structure. This is a post that shares information about good writing but doesn't necessarily model it well. Still, we found these things interesting and hope you do also.

Jun 9, 2015

It’s no secret that the landscape of publishing is rapidly evolving. With thousands of new books joining the marketplace every day, millions of bloggers vying for readers, and the ease of sharing words, how do writers connect with readers? In an environment where readers are either pigeonholed into selecting from an infinitesimal best-seller list, or bombarded with choice, how can one writer rise to the surface and capture the readers who will come back looking for more of the same?

Time to Learn in block letters
May 24, 2015

With a little computer savvy and preparation, local author Gordon Kessler can walk you through the necessary steps to publishing your own work.