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Photograph of Stephanie Morrill
Mar 27, 2017

Today we get to feature a writer who splits her time between authoring fiction and offering guidance to aspiring authors. Booklist described her most recent release as an enjoyable yet sobering mystery with a surprising twist for inquisitive readers.

Sue Lowell Gallion Headshot
Dec 7, 2016

Sue Lowell Gallion has recently celebrated the publication of her first book, Pug Meets Pig, a picture book illustrated by Joyce Wan. A sequel is already on the way.

Sep 14, 2016

When John Bichelmeyer passed away in 2004, his daughter Mary Lucas started writing down the lessons she had learned from her father. Originally intended as a way to share her father’s advice with family and friends, interest was so great that Lucas sought out a publisher. She took some time to tell us a little bit about her journey to “accidental author.”

Picture of Angela Cervantes
May 3, 2016

As we anticipate the chance to read Allie, First at Last, the just-released second middle-grade novel from Shawnee resident Angela Cervantes, we're reminded that Gaby, Lost and Found, her debut effort a couple of years ago, was

Picture of Steve Loe
Apr 20, 2016

Of course Steve Loe has been able to put out two books in the past two years since all he does is write every day from dawn until dusk. Well, that and raise four kids. Oh, and he's also the principal of Shawnee Mission West High School. So where he finds the time we don't know, but he does.

Apr 14, 2016

Michael Harty will read his poetry at Johnson County Library on Tuesday April 19th at 6pm. Poetry and Prose is presented by the Writers Place and Johnson County Library.

If you could begin the interview, what question would you ask yourself?

I’d ask myself, how does it happen that you started writing poetry when you were old enough for Social Security?  And I would answer that it didn’t exactly happen that way.  I always had a yen to write  poems, sometimes dabbled more or less, but it wasn’t  until I reached a pretty advanced age that I decided to get serious about it. One thing that particularly encouraged me was when I wrote a memorial poem about my mother-in-law and got a lot of

Feb 9, 2016

On Tuesday, February 16th at 6:00 p.m. The Writers Place and the Johnson County Library will present Poetry and Prose, a poetry reading by inmates and former inmates incarcerated at Lansing Prison. Arlin Buyert has facilitated the poetry program at Lansing Prison for the past four years. It is sponsored by Arts in Prison, Inc.

Photo of Christine Taylor-Butler
Jan 13, 2016

Kansas Citian Christine Taylor-Butler has written more than 75 books for children. Emerging from her background in engineering, many of them are science books for early readers. Some are for slightly older readers or delve into other topics.

Local Writers
Oct 17, 2015

How many times has a character in your work needed to do something you have no experience with? Is there a feral cat his girlfriend is crying over? Obviously, he has to capture and tame it before their anniversary next month. Did a co-worker just pass out in a diabetic coma? What does that look like? A little research goes a long way when throwing obstacles at your hero.

Jul 8, 2015

I don’t know who said “a writer writes” first (most believe it was Billy Crystal in Throw Momma From the Train), but I know who has said it the most - Celeste Seay.