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The Library invites the community to discuss the biggest topics of the day with a series of Bear Witness themed events.
Dec 1, 2016

In response to the famous Black Panther credo, “Do something, even if you only spit,” in Fall of 2016 Johnson County Library has been presenting programs as their “spit” to bear witness to the events and issues of the past and present, and postulate those in the future.

May 12, 2016

The Read Local committee is very pleased to announce Jemshed Khan has won our Bear Witness poetry contest for his poem "#48689." Entries included an impressive variety of poetic forms, including haiku and sonnet, making the selection very difficult. In the end, we selected "#48689" as, like the numbers in the title, it tattooed itself on our minds. The haunting imagery and vivid description lends the poem personal immediacy and requires remembrance.

Apr 22, 2016

The theme for our current writing contests is Bear Witness. Work submitted to Read Local should be a testament to a significant event, moment, or issue. From validating an invention as genius to condemning a criminal to prison, we determine the worth of ideas, causes, and even people often without hesitation. At its essence, prescribing a value to something can create conflict: ethical, moral, and even political.