Saturday Starter: In Honor of National Poetry Month

Saturday, Apr 8, 2017
Local Writers

In honor of National Poetry month, this weeks prompt will use poetry as a jumping off point for a new story.

In a Read Local interview we asked Jo McDougal how the craft of poetry influences her prose. She said, "Because poetry is about economy and the search for the exact word, I think a background in poetry helps a writer tighten the sentences. Poetry is about rhythm, of course, and being attuned to that helps in the flow of prose." Let's put the economy and rhythm of poetry to use, and grow images and metaphors into prose that maintains those rhythms. McDougal continues, "A poet searches for the right image and the right metaphors, and that's important in prose writing, too."

Choose a poem from The Poetry Foundation's Poem a Day website, or choose one you love, and turn it into a prose piece. Pay attention, as McDougall suggests, to syntax, meter, word choice and metaphor as you expand and elaborate on your chosen poem.