Saturday Starter: Creative Writing Prompt for July 6

Tuesday, Jun 20, 2017

Our Creative Writing Group meets the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month. We are working through the exercises in Brian Kiteley's The 3 A.M. Epiphany: Uncommon Writing Exercises That Transform Your Fiction. The assignment for July 6th is The Seduction of Analogies - 159.

Compare a sporting event with some other larger human issue. Take a sport and some other large problem and run with the analogy. You could do a tennis match and a duel with swords – maintaining a symbolic parallel between the physical activities. You could also do completely unrelated ideas – a fixed professional baseball game and a lone observer who is taking a day off from being a loan shark. 600 words

In Don DeLillo’s novel End Zone, the main character and narrator is a college football player, and he’s endlessly fascinated by nuclear war (the novel was published in 1972). The relationship between these two large ideas is tenuous but not ridiculous. One simple thing DeLillo does in End Zone is give his college football players an extraordinary range of philosophical thoughts and speeches. The narrator is older than all the rest of his teammates—he’s drifted from one program to the next. His intelligence is not unusual. The other football players go against type, however. Each has a distinct and complicated worldview. This exercise asks you to do what we all do with sports. We imagine a game between the Denver Broncos and the Oakland Raiders on a Monday night in November actually matters the way a presidential election of a hurricane bearing down on the Carolinas matters. We love sports because the games stand for larger problems, yet they are just games.

Come with six copies of your completed assignment to share. We'll discuss and provide feedback. First time? Feel free to come and observe before jumping in.