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Thursday, Jul 20, 2017
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Mad Libby
Mad Libby

Formed in 2010, Kansas City's Mad Libby is "fueled by the fire to push the boundaries of hard rock music." Their latest EP, Locks Unlocked, is anchored in the classic rock sounds of Joan Jett, Heart and Van Halen, while staying true to their own vision of music's ability to make you think and move. We are very lucky to share an interview with the band on Listen Local.


Please introduce the band. Who does what?

Jennifer Roswold - Lead Vocals & guitar

Jessica White - Bass & vocals

Rob Adams - Lead guitar

Dana E Scott - drums & vocals

This particular line up was introduced in 2010

How and when did Mad Libby originate?

Jennifer had Mad Libby starting out as an alt/jam band but then decided she wanted to go with a heavier sound so she brought in Rob, then Dana, and then Jessica.

Talk about your new EP, Locks Unlocked. What are you most proud of with this record?

"Locks Unlocked" is a potent mix of rock confections laced with a dash of pop & alternative. We recorded it at Chapman Studios with engineer Rob Rebeck. We're most proud of the fact we hand picked 5 songs that would best represent our sound & style for this e.p., & that all 5 are radio play worthy.

How does songwriting work with Mad Libby? Who brings what to the table?

Jennifer is the songwriter. She always has the blue print of the song and how she wants it to flow. We each get to add our own parts to help build the music. It's very much a group effort.

What inspires you the most about music in Kansas City?

We find it inspiring that Kansas City's music scene is very diverse. There's a lot of different styles of music, a lot of different artists, bands, & venues. There's truly room for everyone. We hope to be your next music crush!

Mad Libby's recommendations from the Johnson County Library catalog:


The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

Where The Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak


Once directed by John Carney

That Thing You Do directed by Tom Hanks


Wasting Light by Foo Fighters

Sinner by Joan Jett and the BlackHearts

Abbey Road by The Beatles

Bryan V.

Written by Bryan V.

Fun fact: I once met a guy who met Captain Beefheart.