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Kalo Hoyle
Sep 22, 2016

Kalo Hoyle's music both deeply personal and wildly ambitious. His work with KC's premier post-rock band Riala is itself noteworthy but Hoyle is also a prolific classical composer, visual artist and collaborator on musical theatre and dance productions. His most recent work is "To Some Transparent End: A Ballet on a Bus". For this interview Kalo Hoyle discusses how he makes time to be creative, his inspirations and book, music and movie recommendations.

Kristie Stremel
Sep 15, 2016

Kristie Stremel has put out so much great music over the past twenty both as a respected solo artist and as a member of bands Frogpond and Exit 159. A Kansas City native currently living in Lawrence, Stremel's most recent song, "Orlando (Keep Dancing)", is a moving tribute to the lives lost and survivors of the mass shootings there in June. Stremel was kind enough to share some insights into her art and other current projects.

Chin Ting (Patrick) Chan
Sep 8, 2016

The music of Chin Ting (Patrick) Chan is as sonically adventurous and ambitious as it is visual and captivating. After five years composing, studying and teaching in Kansas City, Chan very recently left the area to teach at Ball State University in Indiana. In this interview, Chan illuminates his creative process, how he approaches the many different aspects of music composition he works in and what he appreciates the most about his time in KC.

Patrick Alonzo Conway
Aug 30, 2016

A master instrumentalist and composer whose musical reach extends far beyond his home of Kansas City, Patrick Alonzo Conway is one busy man. Currently the director of the KC-based Balinese Gamelan Semaradana community ensemble Gamelan Gentra Kasturi, Conway has also for decades been involved in many different projects as composer and/or performer with a focus on creating a fusion of music from Western, Asian and African elements. We are honored to share an interview with Patrick Alonzo Conway on Listen Local.

Isaac Barkley
Aug 22, 2016

We are excited share a new interview with Kansas City-area songwriter and composer Isaac Barkley. Isaac was the very first artist we featured on Listen Local back in January, 2015, and now has the honor of being our 100th. For this interview we catch up on what Isaac's been up to and how his craft has evolved over the past year and a half.

Dillon Henry
Aug 15, 2016

Kansas City composer Dillon Henry's mix of traditional analog instrumentation, electronic, digital and ambient sound sources needs to be heard to be believed. Currently a doctoral student in Musicology at UMKC, Henry's range as a composer covers everything from straight-up classical to kaleidoscopic solo piano to indescribable musique concrète. It's a pleasure to share an interview with the artist about his pop-punk roots in high school, his flexible approach to composition and what makes Kansas City a great place for music.

Stephonne Singleton
Aug 10, 2016

The music of Stephonne Singleton mixes elements of soul, rock, pop and R&B into a style that's uniquely his own. Before even releasing what will be his first album (five years in the making) he has established himself as a major musical presence in Kansas City, with impassioned performances both solo and with the popular My Brothers and Sisters ensemble. In this interview, Singleton delves into the joys and challenges of recording his new album, his diverse influences and how libraries helped shape the artist he is today. Enjoy!

Aubrie Powell
Aug 3, 2016

We are excited to share an interview with the adventurous Kansas City composer Aubrie Powell. Taking her inspiration from books and poetry, especially that of Langston Hughes and William Shakespeare, Powell's work seeks to fuse narrative form with musical structure. Powell has written music for piano, string quartet, guitar and voice and is currently finishing her Music Composition studies at UMKC. Enjoy Powell's music and her book and music recommendations.

Sterling Witt
Jul 27, 2016

Melodic and aggressive, abrasive and pretty, political and universal, the music of Sterling Witt has many starting points. In addition to writing catchy, rocking and thought-provoking tunes, Witt is an accomplished painter whose visual work is as vibrant as his music. Released late last year, Witt's latest album, Satyagraha, which Witt calls his "greatest musical achievement", will definitely appeal to Nirvana fans (and not only because it was produced by Steve Albini). We are very fortunate to share an interview with and book, music and movie recommendations from Sterling Witt.

Tidy Hippy
Jul 20, 2016

We have Craigslist to thank for the existence of Tidy Hippy. Comprised of KCUR 89.3 Announcer and Arts Reporter Hannah Copeland and actor, director, filmmaker and musician Matthew Dunehoo, Tidy Hippy is what can happen when happenstance leads to artistic collaboration. The duo's recently released Tidy Hippy EP is short in length but filled with memorable songs and exceptional musicianship. It's a pleasure to share their music, stories and recommendations with you on Listen Local.