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We Are the Perfect Girl

We Are the Perfect Girl Cover

We Are the Perfect Girl

A. E. Kaplan
Thursday, Aug 1, 2019

Alight with the fun romance and interconnected friendships of an Emma Mills or Sarah Dessen novel and pulled together by relevant and powerful mental health issues, We Are the Perfect Girl is the kind of novel that will enchant readers into turning the page over and over again. A Cyrano de Bergerac retelling like no other, this novel is about Aphra, who is charming but doesn't believe she is beautiful, and her best friend Bethany, who is beautiful but timid and quiet, and their adventure in trying to get Bethany's crush interested in her, is both comical and nuanced, with a depth that will pleasantly startle anyone. Expect to fall in love with the characters, smile at the relationships, and cry as Aphra discovers the root of her problems with herself, while altogether finding a book that tells all teenagers everywhere that being perfect isn't all it's cracked up to be.

For me, the most compelling aspects of the book surprised even myself, as I found Aphra's subplot with her therapist and her sister to be the most compelling. I expected to find a fun light-hearted romantic comedy like a million others I've read, and while I found that, I was more drawn to Aphra struggling with her own self-acceptance, and how accurate it felt to what it feels like to be a teenager. I find it is hard to find that accurately represented in many young adult fiction novels, and this book did that very well without letting it drag down the novel as a whole. It left a very positive message to readers by the end as well, which is something I appreciate. I also loved Bethany and Aphra's friendship, and how they juggled everything that came their way.

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Neha S from Blue Valley YA Lit Council

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