Gretchen McNeil
Feb 19, 2013

Meg and Minnie board the ferry to Henry Island expecting a weekend of partying and fun, but what they find instead is an elaborately laid trap—an isolated house with no power, cut off from the mainland, and a mysterious DVD that claims “Vengeance will be mine.” In this murder mystery inspired by Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None, ten teens have two days to outlast a killer who’s planned gruesome deaths for all of them, and to survive a killer who seems to be in multiple places at once.  They also must ask themselves the hardest question of all: could the killer be one of us? Gretchen McNeil’s Ten was fun, fast and utterly delightful.  It had its share of genuinely creepy moments (when the protagonist stumbles upon the swinging, creaking corpse in the hallway, for example) and genuinely touching moments--especially concerning Meg’s fierce devotion to Minnie, who suffers from bipolar disorder.  This book is an excellent read for any teen or adult wanting a dose of suspense without a shred of the paranormal, or for someone who’s just looking for a book that begs to be read in one sitting.

Written by Bethany T.

I'm a third degree black belt in Kenpo Karate

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