The Red Necklace: A Novel of the French Revolution by Sally Gardner

Sally Gardner
Apr 16, 2010

YA Fiction Sally Gardner Sido the neglected daughter of French aristocrat, Marquis de Villeduval, has lived most of her 12 years in the convent she was sent to after her mother’s death. She hopes for a positive turn to her life when she is retrieved for a grand fete at her father’s new chateau at the request of her father’s acquaintance, the sinister Count Kalliovski. Here she helps the strange gypsy boy Yann Margoza, assistant to a murdered magician to escape from the hands of the count’s evil henchman, Milkeye. Their time together is brief; but, results in a strong and mysterious bond. Two years later, when the French people’s anger boils over into revolution this strange boy may prove to be Sido’s only hope of escaping from a father who does not love her, the Count who hopes through marriage to control her fortune and the danger of having been born to wealth. I love the way the author gives this historic fiction a twist of the supernatural. This title is also available as a well read and compelling audio.

Written by Christi H.

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