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Aug 16, 2010

Beastly by Alex FinnI bought Beastly shortly after I saw the movie trailer. I wanted to read it before the movie came out. Then it got lost on my bookshelves and I didn't unearth it until Audiobook Community chose Beastly as a free audiobook last week. I started listening and couldn't get enough. It was fun to listen to and pick apart the differences I could see in the movie already. I won't give them away, but you can see the trailer for yourself here. Alex Flinn wrote this version of the classic Beauty and the Beast tale from the beast's perspective, Kyle Kingsbury aka Adrian King. Kyle was not a nice kid at all. He came from a high-profile Manhattan family and treated everyone who wasn't like him poorly. After a run-in with a witch named Kendra, Kyle was turned into a beast and given two years to find someone to love and be loved back in order to break the curse. After many visits to plastic surgeons and doctors of all walks of life, Kyle and his father learned there was little hope in changing him back to the way he was. His father moved him into a house in Brooklyn where their housekeeper and a tutor looked after him. His father had no intentions of keeping in contact with him or visiting him. He couldn't be bothered with a son who looked the way he did. As time progresses, Kendra checks on Kyle. She gives him a mirror that allows him to see the outside world. All he has to do is think of a person or place and he can see it through the mirror. At one point he sees a former classmate, Linda. He finds out that she is in a very unhealthy environment and wishes he could help her out but he can't leave his home. One night, her father breaks into his house not knowing he lived there. Kyle makes a deal with his father that he won't turn him into the police if he brings his daughter to his house to live. He agrees and brings Linda (also called Lindy) over. And the classic story continues as you would guess... I enjoyed reading the story from the beast's perspective. You could see how he truly changed and was not longer the pompous Kyle Kingsbury that he once was. Although the last few chapters felt a bit rushed, it was still a good ending...happily every after, some might say.

Written by Sarah W.

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