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Meet the Volunteers: Priya L.

Picture of teen volunteer Priya L.

Blue Valley Library Teen Volunteer Priya L. sat down for an interview with staff member Peggy Hendershot.


How long have you been a library volunteer?

6 months


Do you volunteer anywhere else besides the library?

Yes. I help teach dance with my former dance studio.


What sparked your desire to volunteer for the library?

I love books and it's always been a dream of mine to travel around the world (specifically in Europe) to go to beautiful libraries.


How many different roles have you filled as a library volunteer?

I'm not really sure... but all were fun!


What are your favorite volunteer duties?

My favorite is shelving books or opening / logging in the new galley books


What things do you like about volunteering for the library?

I really like volunteering for the library because I've learned so much since I've joined. There is so much cool stuff that happens behind the scenes that I never knew about.


Why should other teens volunteer for the library?

I use to come to the library once a month to check out books but now I come every week for volunteering and I get to check out new and turn in old books without having to wait a whole month.


Are you interested in volunteering with the Library? Check out opportunities at a branch near you.

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