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Meet the Volunteers: Pearse F.

Picture of teen volunteer Pearse F.

Blue Valley Library Teen Volunteer Pearse F. sat down for an interview with staff member Peggy Hendershot.

How long have you been a library volunteer?

I have been a library volunteer for a little over 2 years and have volunteered at the Blue Valley Branch for a little over a year.


Do you volunteer anywhere else besides the library?

I volunteer with Harvesters, Valley Park Elementary’s orchestra program, and middle school debate clubs, although the majority of such activities are during the school year.


What sparked your desire to volunteer for the library?

My interest to volunteer with the library was stemmed in the fact that I had always used its resources in the past and I recognized what a crucial role the library played as being a community center that can help all sorts of people in a plethora of ways. Me being a volunteer allowed me to contribute to that purpose.


How many different roles have you filled as a library volunteer?

I have filled many roles as a library volunteer. I shelve holds, shelve books in all age groups and genres, work with discharge, and make carts for other volunteers to shelve. This past summer, I also got the opportunity to interview incoming volunteer applicants.


What are your favorite volunteer duties?

My favorite volunteer duty is going through discharged books because I get to use the conveyor belt in the back of the library which my math and science oriented mind thinks is very cool.


What things do you like about volunteering for the library?

There are many things I like about volunteering for the library. For one, I enjoy working with the library staff because they are incredibly kind and easy to get along with. As I mentioned before, I like being able to help the community in a very tangible way that I know has an impact.


Why should other teens volunteer for the library?

Other teens should volunteer for the library because it’s a great way to help out the community and you garner an increased appreciation for all the work the library does on a daily basis because you can see the wide variety of tasks and planning that goes on behind the scenes.


Are you interested in volunteering with the Library? Check out opportunities at a branch near you.

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