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Meet the Volunteers: Conor F.

Picture of teen volunteer Conor F.

Blue Valley Library Teen Volunteer Conor F. sat down for an interview with staff member Peggy Hendershot.

How long have you been a library volunteer?

I have been a library volunteer for a little over 2 years and have volunteered at the Blue Valley branch for a little over a year.


Do you volunteer anywhere else besides the library?

In addition to library volunteering, I also volunteer at Valley Park Elementary School to mentor orchestra students.


What sparked your desire to volunteer for the library?

I had always used the library as a kid and recognized how many people benefit from it. As a result, I wanted to support the library in its efforts to better the community.


How many different roles have you filled as a library volunteer?

As a library volunteer, I’ve aided in the training of beginning volunteers, shelved books and holds, boxed donations, organized carts, and discharged books.


What are your favorite volunteer duties?

I like boxing donations because each box is its own puzzle waiting to be solved. Although it involves countless rearranging of books to make everything fit perfectly in the box, its immensely gratifying when you’re done.


What things do you like about volunteering for the library?

I like the really welcoming and helpful staff and I love being able to help the community through my library volunteering.


Why should other teens volunteer for the library?

Other teens should volunteer for the library because it’s a great way to get involved in the community and give back to the library, which is a critical institution that provides services to thousands of people in the community.


Are you interested in volunteering with the Library? Check out opportunities at a branch near you.

Kate M.

Written by Kate M.

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The teen summer volunteers are absolutely the best group of kids. They give so much of their time and their work to us. Our 6 teens at Oak Park gave us over 150 hours in 8 weeks. Always on time, always ready to work, great with the little kids. We absolutely could not have had such a successful summer without them.

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