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What have we sold lately?
March 2017 - Ancilla to Toledot Charlap by Arthur F Menton [1999] King David Press $159.95 Toledot Charlap is a narrative saga told through the words of those who have experienced the climactic events of Jewish history. Events such as the civil wars between Israel and Judah, the revolts against ancient tyrannies and the Exile of Babylonia are explored. The author also traces the Persian Era, the rise and fall of power in Spain and Portugal, the Ottoman Empire and northern Europe, 350 years in Poland and Russia, the Holocaust and the establishment of modern Israel in an exhaustive tome. The Ancilla contains Genealogical tables and modern family data as a supplement to the Toledot Charlap. Includes data on the Charlap (Charlip, Charlop), Atlas, Kur, Lew, Pasternak, Sahr and other related families.

The Friends of Johnson County Library group was inaugurated in 1956. Those founding members were the tested and trusted volunteers of the Citizen’s Library Committee, who had advocated since 1950 to establish a Johnson County library system. Once a County Librarian had been hired and regular operations were underway, the group re-organized as the Friends. They have indeed been good friends and have worked tirelessly in support of the Library– as volunteers, fundraisers, political advocates – for the ensuing 60+ years.

The Friends launched their successful Summer used book sale about 30 years ago, and have since opened used bookstores at 3 branches. The Friends, ever forward-thinking, established an internet sales presence in 2004. That year, 116 items sold earning $3888.22 for the group.

Times have certainly changed. The Friends reported nearly $140,000 internet sales in 2015. In June 2016, they passed the $1 million mark in total online sales. Items sold have ranged from the prosaic: an out-of-print insurance book that is still in demand – to the profound: the Collected Works of Sigmund Freud.

Books and audio materials have been shipped to 6 continents, and more orders arrive daily.