Have you read the news?

Thursday, Sep 13, 2018

Dear News “Enthusiasts,”

Here’s your kicker: September is Library Card sign-up month! And, newsflash, it’s September!

But what does that card get you? How about unlimited access to the news of the world! You need to know what’s being exported from New Dehli and who's marching into New Orleans. Human interest stories, editorials, investigative reporting, even the fluffiest of candy floss fluff. You want it all! You crave copy. Paper. Digital. It doesn’t matter. Let’s face it, you care about what’s “above the fold” as much as what’s considered “above board.”

Some call you the “J” word … “Junkie.” A “News Junkie” that is. We will never call you that! You are a "News Enthusiast!" The Library is your refuge. We love you! We accept your habit. In fact, we’ve got you’re next fix. You might even say, we encourage your so called affliction.

Your Library Card gives you access to:

Fake News? Fact Checking? We’ve got the data:

News Enthusiasts