What I Make

March is Maker Month and we salute every maker, but especially you Elle! Why? Because you just leveled up!

The MakerSpace is your secret lair where you create awesomeness.

Your Wonder Woman bested the costumes of all the others. Your tools? Sewing machine, vinyl cutter and your secret weapon: a 3D printer.

You know that money can't buy happiness. You know how to make friends and family beam with joy: something you made specifically for each of them.

For your ​Olivia: A wood memory box with a one-of-a-kind original top with a dragon design. The CNC Router was the perfect tool to get that hand-carved look.

You 3D printed a BB-8 Droid for little brother Ethan.

For mom, aunt Sophia and uncle Michael, you went above and beyond! You made your own vanilla extract. You designed your own logo on the MakerSpace Mac and then etched that logo onto bottles using the laser cutter!

You even recorded own version of "Happy Birthday" in the sound booth. Honestly, it wasn't all that great, but it was a nice personal touch!

When something breaks, you fix it.

While others throw away perfectly good electronics when a wire disconnects, you solder it back into place.

While some of your friends make pies, you dazzle them with your computer skills using your Raspberry Pi!

Why buy a stand for your phone? You know how to make one with a 3D Printer.

You keep up on all the latest listings for Maker-related events.

That's what Elle makes! What do you make?

Elle is a maker