Red Cross Blood Donations

As of July 9th, the American Red Cross issued an emergency call for eligible donors to give now to stop an emergency blood shortage this summer. Based on current inventory levels, the Red Cross now has less than a two to a three-day supply of most blood types available – and in some cases, less than a day’s supply of type O blood. Blood donations are currently being distributed to hospitals faster than donations are coming in. Can you help? Search by zip code to find a location to donate »

Or swing by one of our locations to give:

  • July 23rd - Blue Valley Library - 10am-3pm
  • July 29th - Central Resource Library - 2pm-6pm
  • July 29th - Gardner Library - 1:30pm-5:30pm - This drive also has Free Worlds of Fun Tickets!
  • July 30th - Leawood Pioneer Library - 10am-3pm
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