Create Your Travel Tale

Syd, it's time to travel! Why?

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”

~ Ibn Battuta

Your Library Card can lead to an epic odyssey!

All successfully happy travelers know the secret to adventure-awesomeness: planning.

Step 1. Get strategic and tactical!

Sometimes it's easier to break the whole into more manageable parts.


  • Get a Road Atlas. Seriously Syd, do you remember that tumultuous trek across Tennessee in '14? Remember how you were going to use your phone for navigation? Recall how there was a "no-service area" for, oh what, 3 and a half hours?! Never again.
  • Snag a Travel Guide (again, no phone reception!) Rick Steves, Lonely Planet, Fodors, Eyewitness and more guarantee you'll tailor your trip to your tastes.


  • Music! Every road trip needs a soundtrack!!! When "future Syd" hears that song that takes him back to the sights and smells of this roadie, he'll thank you! Will you have phone reception? If so, our streaming music services are the way to go. No service? No worries! good old-fashioned CDs are still available for checkout. ;)
  • An audiobook. Remember how Listening to Will Wheaton voicing Ready Player One got you from here to Dallas and back a couple years ago? Get them in pretty much any format you want, even an eAudiobook.
  • Snackage. You're going to get hungry and the stops are sometimes few and far between. Our advice? Snack-up!
  • Have a contingency plan for that abomination your hotel is calling "cable." eMagazine and eNewspapers will give you a solid alternative.
  • Make sure you've viewed this travel tutorial at least once before hitting the open road. :D

Step 2. Pick up your holds from your favorite location.

Step 3. Roll.

Road Trip Selfie