Domestic Violence Awareness Month

In observation of National Domestic Awareness Month, the Library is offering two programs presented in partnership with SAFEHOME, the largest domestic violence agency in the state of Kansas and the only domestic violence shelter in Johnson County.

In Their Shoes is an interactive tool that uses real life scenarios to educate everyone about teen dating violence. Through a diverse set of teen stories, participants will make choices for their character as if they were in the unhealthy relationship themselves. Through this choose-your-own adventure activity, participants will learn about different forms of abuse, barriers to receiving help, helpful responses, and warning signs of violence. Guided discussion will follow the activity to process the stories and their impact.

In Her Shoes is an activity designed for learning about domestic violence. You will move, do, think and experience the lives of people who've been abused. Become one of seven characters based on the experiences of real victims of domestic violence. You'll make choices about their relationships and move through the scenario by reading about interactions with their partner, friends, police, clergy, and more. The activity helps answers the question, "Why do people stay in abusive relationships?" and "How can I help someone who is being abused?" Discuss with an expert in the field, what we all can do to help victims of domestic violence.

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