Did you hear? We interviewed an astronaut!

We asked astronaut Mike Massimino these questions for our Did you hear? podcast:

  • You've done countless interviews. What is a question that you wish someone would ask that no one ever has?
  • If you could choose anyone to join you in space, who would you pick for your crew and why?
  • What was the hardest thing for you to adjust to once you were in space for the first time?
  • What are some of the movies or books that inspired your career choice?
  • Could you talk a bit about what to do with any downtime you have when you're space? I imagine there's at least a little bit of time to read a book or two.
  • And finally, we asked our patrons what question they'd like asked. Here is the best of those submissions: When you are weightless in space, do you have a sense of direction? Up/down, left/right? Do you have any depth perception when you look out into space?

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Mike Massimino