Recent News & Highlights

Bibliotecarios del Equipo de Servicios Latinos / Librarians of the Latino Services Team (LAST)
May 1, 2017

To keep pace with community demand, the Library has a dedicated team leading development of services tailored to the Latino communities in our county. They are working to design programs and services that can be delivered systemwide.

Listen Local Live
May 1, 2017

Music Monday! Every Monday, we share a single from our Listen Local LIVE series. But did you know ...

Build a Better World with Summer Reading
May 1, 2017

Build a Better World during Summer Reading, May 15 - July 31!

Right off the bat, come into the Library and grab a free prize book and a reading log. Turn in your reading log in July to enter our Grand Prize drawings.

Movie in the Park: Back to the Future
Apr 30, 2017

UPDATE: This event has been canceled due to inclement weather. While Marty McFly's DeLorean can travel to a time with clear skies, ours is still being worked on in the MakerSpace. 

Hang on to the data that you love by creating a personal account in ReferenceUSA.
Apr 27, 2017

When you're seeking a long-term relationship with market research, it's time to get personal with ReferenceUSA.

Build a Better World
Apr 24, 2017

Through programs and events for all ages, we encourage you to build a better world.

Thank you volunteers
Apr 24, 2017

Look for our volunteers sporting handsome yellow lanyards during National Volunteer Week – and every week – to say, "Hi," and "Thank you!"

KC Star
Apr 19, 2017

April showers – great for May flowers, not so hot for your morning paper. Flip through dry, full-page images of The Kansas City Star online.

With the stunning artwork from kids and adults on these bookmarks, you'll want to mark your place on every page!
Apr 17, 2017

Don't fold the page corner! Choose a stylish place marker courtesy of the winning entries from our 2017 Bookmark Contest! Swing by a location near you to collect them all.

Apr 15, 2017

It's here! Snag your copy of elementia, our annual teen literary magazine​, to take home at any Library location, or read and share a copy online.