What's with the Trucks? New Designs Unveiled!

We relied on the great work of Barkley Advertising Agency for our first round of Library Trucks and this time, we relied on you! Johnson County Library's Trucks have once again been redesigned to resemble the delivery trucks of some of literature's most famous characters.

We are thrilled to unveil four new Library Truck designs provided by Johnson County natives Sally Carmichael and Cambria DeLee.

Sally Carmichael is a 20-year-old graphic design student at the University of Kansas. She claims Lenexa and Lawrence as her hometowns. When asked who her favorite authors were, Sally had trouble narrowing it down. Her list includes Tolkein, Capote and Salinger. Her favorite thing about Johnson County Library is the involvement. When asked, she replied, “(Johnson County Library) is always doing new and exciting things with the community.”

Cambria DeLee is a 30-year-old Graphic Designer. Having just relocated to Nashville, Tenn. for a job, Cambria did a fantastic job creating her design while getting used to a new job in a new city. She expressed her gratefulness to a friend for passing this contest along to her. Her favorite thing about Johnson County Library is the many convenient locations. “You never have to drive far to get to a library.” she said.

Sincere thanks to Sally and Cambria and to all of you who participated in the contest (the judges had such a tough time choosing winners due to the number of great entries), to those of you who see the trucks and chuckle, and most importantly, to those of you who read.

New Library truck design: Carroll's mad hat emporium.