Teen Volunteers Shine

Wednesday, Aug 2, 2017

Johnson County Library is a choice volunteer assignment. You can ask any of our 214 teen volunteers – like we did! They come from all walks of life in every corner of the County, and they help the Library in many ways:

  • at special events.
  • in Library offices and departments.
  • assisting Librarians to provide services.

Meet some of the volunteers who make up the team: Priya, Pearse and Conor. Teen volunteers like them keep the Library running all summer, and they can get service credits with their school for the hours they contribute to the Library. (Check with your school councilor to be sure). Teens interested in joining the crew can find more information and look for our announcement after Spring Break.

Volunteering is just one of the ways you can connect with the Library. There’s also the Young Adult Advisory Council, events just for teens, teen sections at most locations, and our teen literary magazine elementia. Check it out!