Maker Faire, meet our MakerSpace

“Welcome to the library! Want to check out our MakerSpace? No, you don't have to drive to there. Strap on this 3D viewer and look around – all around!”

On Saturday and Sunday, July 25 – 26, over 1,500 visitors came to visit the Johnson County Library MakerSpace booth for the 6th edition of the Kansas City Maker Faire at Union Station. They were also able to tour the the MakerSpace, How? Through virtual Reality! They discovered all the tools and equipment the MakerSpace has to offer. They saw people making, creating and having a lot of fun! They saw a selection of creations by patrons Christina Smith, Hien Tran and Gayle Van Durme.

Born in California in 2006, Maker Faires across the world have allowed people of all ages and backgrounds to share and discover how traditional techniques like woodworking or graphic arts can be mixed and matched with bleeding-edge technology like laser cutting and 3D printing in new and interesting ways.

Beginner makers or seasoned tinkering families were all surprised by the exciting opportunity to use laser cutters, 3D printers and recording studios in the library – tools that can otherwise be relatively difficult or costly to access – as well as the presence of specialized Maker Librarian and Maker Facilitators to help them define and refine their projects.

A frame of stereo footage from our VR video
This is a frame from the 360 degree video we shot! These two "orbs" get stitched together. The result is a movie you can move the camera's perspective around!