Word Processing for Writers


Word processing software has come a long way. Microsoft Word, which got its start in 1983, initially allowed the processing of basic text documents to produce a hard copy of the created document. Now Microsoft Word 2016 provides a myriad of features designed to help users become more efficient, effective and more productive writers. Seating is first-come, first-served for this session.

Register once (appreciated but not required) for the entire Writers Conference and come and go as you please. Separate registrations are required to attend any of the Critique Sessions. Check out the Writers Conference schedule at a glance or search our online calendar for in-depth descriptions.

From the presenter: "I am the owner of TAB Training & Consulting, LLC and a Microsoft Certified Professional w/Microsoft Office instructor credentials including 25+ years of user and trainer experience helping individuals become more efficient, effective and productive users of technology and computers. I specialize in working with and motivating novice and beginner users of technology/computers and have developed into a creative problem solver that designs simple and user-friendly solutions; incorporating Microsoft Office Suite applications as the core learning component and business solutions tool."