Fruit Flies and Brain Disease



This session presents current research about “Neuronal-Glial Interactions in a Drosophila Model of Tauopathy.” Yes, it’s as cool as it sounds. Dr. Kenneth Colodner is a neuroscientist researching how communication between cell types in the human brain is disrupted in neuro-degenerative diseases. His lab is particularly focused on “tau protein toxicity in the context of tauopathies.” Colodner and his colleagues are genetically altering common fruit flies – drosophila melanogaster – to overexpress the human tau protein in their brains. This talk will highlight Colodner’s current studies utilizing genetic, pharmacological and behavioral approaches to understand how tau disrupts cell signaling in the fly brain. Such studies may help identify novel, therapeutic targets for these disorders.

Presented by the Mount Holyoke Kansas City Alumnae Club, Mount Holyoke College and Johnson County Library Foundation.