Now Presenting: Connecting Contemporary Art and Healthcare Education


Art museums and healthcare programs have a lot in common. Learn how educators and healthcare experts have worked together to use visual artwork with active learning exercises aligned with reading, writing, speaking and listening. We’ll study contemporary art works from the Nerman Museum collection, including the painting “Surgery” by the renowned Dana Schutz. Participants will learn strategies to hone communication skills that help students work as teams, to consider other perspectives, and to stay objective in critical situations.

This program is presented by Karen Gerety Folk. Karen Gerety Folk has worked at JCCC since August 2005 as the founding Curator of Education developing curriculum, programs and resources for JCCC faculty, staff, students, as well as school and community groups visiting the Nerman Museum and the permanent collection of art on campus. She studied at the University of Kansas, earning an MA in Art Museum Education and an MA in Art History in 2005, and a BFA in Art History in 2001. Her essay based on her thesis research on family learning in art museums is included in the anthology From Periphery To Center: Art Museum Education in the 21st Century. Gerety Folk is a member of the KC Metro Arts Education Network, a group dedicated to promoting arts integration throughout the region. The JCCC Art Vision program connecting English and Healthcare faculty with contemporary art was funded by the Kansas Creative Arts Industries Commission grant for arts integration.