Mistakes I Made So You Don't Have To

Carmack Community Room

Every writer makes mistakes on their path to publication. In this class, Stephanie Morrill will share the biggest mistakes she's made in her twelve years of being a full-time writer. She will also share a list of habits she cultivated early in her novel-writing career that have made a big difference along the way. You'll leave this class with practical advice you can apply to both the publishing process and the craft of writing.

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Stephanie Morrill is the creator of GoTeenWriters.com and the author of several young adult novels, including the 1920s mystery, The Lost Girl of Astor Street. Despite loving cloche hats and drop-waist dresses, Stephanie would have been a terrible flapper because she can’t do the Charleston and looks awful with bobbed hair. She and her near-constant ponytail live in Kansas City with her husband and three kids.