Homework Help

School can be challenging and we're here to help. Homework Help Coaches are at the Central Resource Library ready to lend a hand. With lots of resources, tips and a friendly smile, they'll help you stay on track. Students can bring a specific homework assignment to work on. Coaches offer help with finding library resources to complete assignments like
  • book reports
  • science projects
  • vocabulary, spelling, reading and writing skills
  • math
  • social studies.
If getting to the Library is tough you can use Tutor.com + your library card for homework assistance, standardized test preparation, chemistry, algebra and more. All ages welcomed, students in grades 2-8 are given priority. English language learners (ELL) are welcomed. Students served on a first-come, first-served basis: busy times may require a wait.

Los Tutores de "ayuda con las tareas" están en la Biblioteca Central y pueden colaborar con todos los estudiantes.

Generously supported by the CPS Foundation, the RA Long Foundation, the Flo Harris Foundation and the Johnson County Library Foundation.
Homework Help