An Edible Discussion: High Protein

This popular meet-up includes a potluck sampling of foods based on each month's theme, and group discussion about cookbooks, cooking and of course, food.

Each month features a specific nationality or type of cuisine, with discussion led by special guest speakers who are food professionals. You can share new or favorite dishes, test others' creations, learn about new expert techniques and discuss food with other foodies. We usually have about 25-35 attendees so plan your dish to share accordingly.

This month's topic is protein! Protein is one of the three cornerstones on which all food is based. Ever since the Atkins Diet exploded in popularity over a decade ago, high protein diets have been a hot topic of discussion. Come learn about protein from the experts at ProteinHouse while delighting in a protein packed community potluck meal. Don't forget that protein can mean more than just meat, so feel free to use this event as a chance to test out a vegetarian and vegan recipe!